What Are The Best Penny Stocks To Watch For September 23?

No one can predict the future. And in the penny stocks space, that couldn’t be truer. The fact of the matter is that penny stocks are incredibly volatile. The thought for most new investors is that these cheap stocks are lottery tickets and “if I make money, I’ll hit it big.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Penny stocks, just like any equity, carries its own risks. Also, as with most investments, there are plenty of methods to go about trading in order to have a better win rate.

To find the best penny stocks, you need to look at a few things. First, make sure there’s enough trading volume in the market. Next, you need to understand the dynamics of the market itself. Are penny stocks in a bear market?

top penny stocks.jpg

Which sectors are favoring a bullish market? And what are some of the hot penny stocks to watch on platforms like Twitter and Facebook? Having a clear-cut approach to trading is necessary especially if you really want to make money with penny stocks. Don’t treat it like a guessing game; treat it like an investment.

In the grand scheme of it, penny stocks are usually a small portion of a portfolio. But some day traders make a living off of only trading penny stocks. These traders are likely looking at the market like an investment opportunity and not a way to “win the lottery.” There are rules in place that also help these traders place winning trades more than losing ones.

But it takes a keen eye and plenty of experience in order to achieve that. So if you’re looking for some of the best penny stocks to watch, you should start looking in the right places.  One of the main platforms to do so this month has been on PennyStocks.com. Here are some of the site’s most read articles in September:

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In many cases, these articles highlighted trending penny stocks to watch this month with many taking off to new highs. Obviously, we want to highlight good sources of information. The site itself doesn’t make recommendations to sell or buy penny stocks, but it does break down some of the key catalysts that could be taken into consideration.

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